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The Kraken Update
« on: January 29, 2018, 09:42:31 am »
So I have decided to modify the current Kraken bot to play more ABC styly without having any poker tracker stats (or not enough) on opponents
New version released (download from your My Account page on our website)

6 max cash will be the focus for the next update to come

- Fixed initialization of memory symbols
- Added a random slow play call after raising with AA
- Reduced 3 betting to only premium hands when not short stacked and have no Poker Tracker stats
- Changed all min raises (when not stealing sitout blinds) to 2.5x raises
- Tightened open raising range in EP-MP

- Tightened CBets to mostly with only one opponent
- Cbet sizes 50% pot when not hitting and 65%+ when hitting
- Betting big with strong hands (80%+) to build bigger pots
- Not double barreling unless our hand has improved or opponents fold to turn cbet is high
- Added more check raising
- Lowered bluffing with nothing

Download from your My Account page on our website:

Or purchase here:
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