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Abaddon and Kraken updates


- Updated to the 11.2.4 bot (with fixes up to 12.1.2)
- Added new pot odds and predicted action info in bottom status bar of OH GUI
- Fixed not detecting the Aggressor/NonAggressor postflop
- Fixed f$3betEV and added custom delays (Thanks to Eden)
- Updated Bodog/Bovada/Ignition, PartyPoker, Bwin, Winamax, Global Poker, and Coin Poker maps
- Other Misc improvements

If you did not receive a download link and are a current customer of either of these bots, shoot me an email:

There were a few more functions from the dll that needed tweaking.
Ill release another update tomorrow for the Kraken and Abaddon
Then I am moving on to the others to make sure everything is updated!

now, with positive progress and fixes, i am ready to purchase the Abaddon! soon!

2 major fixes for Abaddon and Kraken
Somehow the river code for Abaddon was missing causing the bot to fold on the river!
Download from your My Account page:


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